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Liquid Roof EPDM Coating

Awarded Top 10 Product in 2009 by Metal Roofing Magazine

Why our customers in Hawaii Choose EPDM Coatings

Commercial and industrial use of EPDM coatings

Liquid epdm rubber has wide and diverse applications both in commercial and industrial applications. The instant waterproofing and weather resistance is one of the reasons it has had a success record of 25 years. Liquid EPDM has been surpassing other roofing materials for years. Made right here in the United States you will not find another liquid version of the product anywhere in the world. Due to its curing properties it waterproofs directly on application. Yes immediately after applied even without fully drying. Since it is true EPDM only one coat is needed vs. other systems that require multiple coats not only adding material cost and labor costs but also unnecessary weight on your roof.

EPDM Coatings For Vehicles


EPDM Coatings and the product specifically Liquid Roof is most commonly used to help protect the metal roofs of RVs and tractor trailers, often as an after-market product. A few RV suppliers offer the coating as an add-on to extend the life of the roof or to reduce maintenance another 15 years. Many components of vehicles are made of the synthetic rubber. The liquid EPDM Coatings is sometimes used to protect pumps, valves and other engine items from heat, friction, water or weather.

EPDM Coatings For Buildings

Commercial roofing applications are the cornerstone of the products use. Metal, epdm or concrete have been the main roof types it has outperformed. Through controlled factory studies it was shown to outlast standard elastomerics and urethanes four times. Our commercial property owners have come back time and time again to recoat additional properties. Liquid EPMD allows you to take all the guess work out of future roof leaks. Its number one advantage is the slow cure or (dry) time. As the product sets up tiny bubbles will surface from the material. It is this chemistry that products an airtight seal between your existing roof and the newly applied Liquid EPDM rubber. Other coatings that dry quickly leave air trapped and as a result will crack as temperatures change. Since Liquid EPDM is capable of handling standing water literally 365 days a year flat roofs have been the ideal choice for the coating. Contractors can offer the coating to their roofing customers as an alternative to other less effective coatings with a shorter life expectancies. Give us a call today 610-298-1989 we are confident that once you discover all the advantages of liquid EPDM you will use no other roofing product in the field.